Monday, 30 January 2017

All That Matters by Wayson Choy

Kiam-Kim is three years old when he arrives by ship at Gold Mountain with his father and his grandmother, Poh-Poh, the Old One. It is 1926, and because of famine and civil war in China, they have left their village in Toishan province to become the new family of Third Uncle, a wealthy businessman whose own wife and son are dead. The place known as Gold Mountain is Vancouver, Canada, and Third Uncle needs help in his large Chinatown warehouse. Canada’s 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act forces them, and many others, to use false documents, or ghost papers, to get past the ‘immigration demons’ and become Third Uncle’s Gold Mountain family.

About the Author

Wayson Choy was born in Vancouver in 1939. At the age of 56, during the publicity tour for his first novel, The Jade Peony, Choy discovered that he had been adopted. This revelation inspired his memoir Paper Shadows in which he describes his experiences growing up in the working-class world of Vancouver’s old Chinatown. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Choy lives in Toronto where, for many years, he taught English at Humber College, and creative writing in the Humber School for Writers. Wayson Choy was named a member of the Order of Canada in August 2005 for his contribution to the arts-writing.


Quill and Quire

Many Thanks to Marie for introducing this wonderful book  and for chairing the meeting. 


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